Church family thanks guardian angel


MONROE COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – We’re learning more about a well known pastor who was injured after his truck was hit by an oncoming train in Monroe County.

The driver of the truck was Amory pastor Willis Dobbs.

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But Dobbs wasn’t the only one affected by this accident.

In fact, one man close by might have been Pastor Dobbs’ guardian angel.

“God was with him. Wasn’t anymore we could do, if it was we would have been able to get him out. That was the good Lord with that man. He should know it. His family should know it. He is blessed by all means.”

Dustin Morris rushed to the tracks knowing something wasn’t right.

Not only does Morris think a greater power was there, but so does Pastor Dobbs’ friend
Reverend Elbrist Mason.

“We really believe that God is always around that God’s Spirit is available no matter where we are. When something happens God is there no matter where you go….on the train tracks burning buildings whatever”

Late Tuesday evening Morris said a truck drove by and he noticed that was something unusual.

“We seen the truck go really fast through here and you know that’s a dead-end right there and when you, they didn’t know where they were and then we heard it crash.”

That crash was only the first problem.

“As we was running up there to check on the person we heard the train blowing and when we got up there he was you know obviously dazed.”

A train was coming straight toward Dobbs’ truck.

His truck tires were flat and stuck in the middle of the tracks.

“We was trying to get him out and he was hung and I grabbed Damien my cousin out of the way and we got out of the way and he miraculously stumbled out right afterwards.”

After Dobbs escaped his truck, the train hit his truck, and his truck rolled over him.

Amazingly, that didn’t stop him from breathing.

“His head popped up and I knew he was alive and I went over there and applied pressure and did a head check and wouldn’t let him move.”

Dustin Willis stayed with him through it all.

“We talked about his wife and his kids and the community and just kept him there and he was wanting to get up so bad and I promised him you know I’m laying here with you but we can’t get up.”

This heroic act has many in Monroe County feeling grateful.

“It is a God thing. God is always around.”

We’ve called to check in on Dobbs’s condition and have not yet heard back.