City of Columbus recognizes Black soldiers for Black History Month

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – Thank you for your service. For many African Americans throughout history, theirs was a sacrifice that went unnoticed until now.

Columbus Mayor Keith Gaskin said the city of Columbus recognizing Black soldiers for Black History Month was a great way to pay tribute to the unrecognized soldiers.

“We had an event as part of black history month where we were righting the wrongs where African American veterans from World War One were left off of the memorial in front of the courthouse,” said Gaskin. “So today was the day of learning about why this happened, how we can make sure this does not happen again in the future, and how we can move forward in the community.”

Earl Thompson, an Air Force veteran, said it meant a lot to see the unrecognized soldiers get the respect they deserve.

“It is a good thing that someone’s heart set back and paid the tribute that was deserved for those who have served,” said Thompson. “It is a good thing to be recognized and an honor because a lot of things we do go unnoticed and so it is good that someone noticed us.”

Dylan Wiley’s father served as a World War I veteran. He told guests Saturday that it meant a lot to see his father respected.

“To see my dad be honored and recognized,” said Wiley. “It makes me proud because he worked so hard for us, and he served our country well.”

Wiley also believes today’s celebration of Black soldiers, helps the future generation.

“It allows us to gain a sense of pride, and also a sense of understanding of what we represent, said Wiley. “We represent something far more than just being a soldier, it is a part of our and the nation’s history to be representations and paragons and I think we represent that very well as a whole.”

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