City of Eupora marched to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

EUPORA, Miss. (WCBI) – As area residents gather to commemorate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., they also are looking ahead to continuing his work to achieve justice and equality for all people.

“Martin Luther King Day I remember this day. I remember the Day Martin Luther King was shot for some people that’s history but for me, that’s a part of my life and I remember it and I can’t forget it,” said Bowman.


Each January we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day and remember his life, his work, and his contributions that brought us to today.

In Eupora, people put on their walking shoes and marched over a mile in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.

While most people try to follow the lessons that Doctor King left us, people like George Bowman are prepared to carry on the DREAM that he had.

“MLK had an influence on all of our time and again and this is just another day where we can remember how far we’ve come and how far we still have yet to go and it’s also a reminder for the young people that are coming up behind us and we still have marched to go and things to accomplish,” said Bowman.

Those in the younger generation, like Zakayiah Woods, are helping make those dreams a reality.

“Everyone knows to be treated equally and never and never judge people by the color of their skin,” said Woods.

And while Bowman knows we have come a long way, he also believes that the work of Dr. King is still unfinished, and it’s up to this and future generations to continue the march.

“Some things have changed and some things haven’t and some things we need to fight both in civilian life and the military. The racism and the things that martin fought against on the outside and we still had to fight that same thing even on the inside of the military as well and even today with our politicians and our leaders. We got to let them know where we stand and what we stand for,” said Bowman.

People in the community plan to continue the MLK celebration each year.

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