Video: Clay County Keeping Inmate Work Program Going

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CLAY COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) — Starting Saturday, counties in Mississippi who keep their inmates in the State-County work program will have to start paying for their housing.

It’s a cost some counties, like Clay, have decided is worth it.

Clay County leaders say are shelling out the extra cash so the taxpayers can keep it in their pocket books.

Clay County Leaders say is worth every penny.

“We put the numbers on it versus what it would take to go out and hire like 8 or 9 people with the hourly wages and insurance,” says Lynn Horton, President, Clay County Board of Supervisors.

And Clay County Sheriff Eddie Scott says the largest cost to the county will still be paid.

” MDOC has agreed to continue paying the medical costs which typically is what is a big budget concern for the county,” say Sheriff Scott.

Sheriff Scott says keeping their inmates is not only a win for the county, but for the workers themselves.

“Teaching them skills, ethics, getting up and going to work with the inmates and getting them prepared to go back into the real world,” says Sheriff Scott.

Skills that will soon expand as MDOC also requires the counties to provide GED programs and alcohol and drug treatment.

Out of 30 counties that participated in the program only 14 will continue to do so and pick up the housing tab.

Monroe and Chickasaw will continue as well.

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