Coffee company spreads the ‘Good News’, one cup at a time

My Brother's Cup funds mission work across the area, nation and world

FULTON, Miss. (WCBI) – A Northeast Mississippi-based coffee company is going strong and helping support mission work around the world.

Kay Pittman remembered vividly her reaction when her husband Mike told her he was going to start roasting coffee and selling it.

“I thought, ‘what are you thinking?’,” Pittman recalled.

That was in 2010 and Mike Pittman’s job was about to come to an end, so he took his severance, and savings and started My Brother’s Cup Coffee Company.  Although Mike wasn’t a coffee drinker, he was involved in Christian mission work in coffee-growing countries. His goal was to reach the world, one cup at a time.

“We secured a building and he started from there, no heat, no air, Mike really got in the grind of the coffee and found out summers are really hot with a roaster but he never backed up, he continued to learn and grow and be faithful to the call,” she said.

The steady growth continued, but last July, Mike Pittman passed away unexpectedly.

Chris Payne is a youth pastor at the Anchor Church. He and his wife knew the Pittmans and shortly before Mike’s passing, Chris, who was also facing the loss of a full-time construction job, came on board with My Brother’s Cup.

“Me and my wife, we ask the Lord, ‘What are you doing?’ We reached out to Mrs. Kay, who was a widow, and asked her if there was anything we could do. She said ‘I don’t want My Brother’s Cup to fall to the wayside’. We were transitioning out of where we were at, it was God’s perfect timing,” Payne said.

Evan Atkins is Mike and Kay’s grandson and is the third member of the team. He is helping grow their social media footprint and making sure the message and mission are always clear.

“A lot of it is word of mouth, that’s the best way to get out there and talk to people, grow relationships, make a good product, and present it in a good way. That enables us to help out people who are in need or hurting, or needing assistance,” Atkins said.

For the future, My Brother’s Cup Coffee Company is looking to expand and grow its business, because more business means more opportunities to fund more mission work, across town, the nation, and the world.

My Brother’s Cup is sold wholesale, online, and at stores throughout the region. For more information, go to

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