Video: Columbus Cautions Drivers

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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)- Speeding is starting to become an issue in the city of Columbus.

The Columbus Police Department has put up a speed cart on Main street right off of Highway 82 to track down how fast drivers are going.

The speed cart is used as a tool to slow drivers down and let them become aware of the speed limit.

The idea behind the cart isn’t to give drivers citations, however, if the driver continues to speed and ignore the radar, then a ticket will be issued.

” A lot of times when people come through there they see their speed on that speed cart and their like, ‘oh wait a minute I need to slow down,’  and not only that, they’re becoming a little conscious like ‘I’m the one that’s going to fast and other people are noticing me’,” Columbus Police Officer Raymond Hackler said.
The speed carts are posted at various locations throughout the city.

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