Columbus High School football seniors having their voices heard by voting

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) —  It was an eye opening experience for some seniors on the Columbus football team, voting for the first time.

It was joint effort between Falcons’ Head Coach Joshua Pulphus and Columbus High School, to get these athletes registered and take them local precincts to vote.

“It gave me motivation to help change the world,” said Senior quarterback Ethan Conner.

“This my first time voting so it felt good,” said senior linebacker Christopher Allen.

This initiative was part of the Falcons game plan this season..

Pulphus said he is proud of his senior class for wanting to have their voices heard.

“Proud and I’m honored for my seniors to take the initiative themselves. They came to me this summer with the idea of trying to make a change wanting to become great citizens wanting to become great leaders in the community.”

It was a joint with Columbus High School to get students old enough to vote, registered.

“The school had a big event where they set up tables like all week and they had student volunteers that were already involved in politics knowingly in the school helping everybody register to vote that was old enough,” said Family Consumer Science Teacher Autumn Lagrand.

Yolanda Dawkins, employment facilitator at Columbus High School, said social media played a major role in spreading this message to students.

““Immediately when I posted. I had a huge response of people complementing me, thanking me, we are going to try our best, this is going to be our first time actually voting,” said Dawkins.

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