Columbus-Lowndes Chamber of Commerce looks back at 2023

COLUMBUS, Miss. – Columbus Lowndes Chamber of Commerce held its annual luncheon to award its members for their accomplishments over the year.

The event at Lion Hills catered to 200 people.

Joe Max Higgins Jr. has served as the CEO of the Golden Triangle Development Link for 20 years.

Higgins explains the Chamber of Commerce is not just a network of businesses; It’s a cornerstone for community development.

“People should really think about the chamber as their community development arm. So if you want to be involved in helping develop your community, help make your place a better place, the chamber’s not a bad place to do it,” said Higgins.

Growth, stability, and expansion have been the narrative for the 2023 year.

“I think one of the things I’m the most proud of at the Chamber of Commerce this year, Kathryn and Katie have grown the membership. They’ve had a phenomenal member retention percentage and they’ve signed up a lot of new companies and businesses to be a member of the chamber and I think the reason they’re able to do that is people see a value in their membership and what they’re seeing and what they’re getting for it,” said Higgins.

The Columbus-Lowndes Chamber has numerous initiatives Higgins is proud of.

“It’s like asking which one of your children you love the most, okay? Because, no, the chamber does a lot of good stuff,” said Higgins.

One program in particular impacts the community by way of education and youth leadership.

“The Lowndes Young Leaders program I think is second to none in youth leadership programs. The partnership that they have with the Base and the pilot partner with area businesses to help buy the wings for the foreman when they get their wings. They sponsor an education banquet, do a bunch of scholarships, and work with the companies in the area to do scholarships. So you know, I’d probably say education, Columbus Air Force Base, and then Lowndes Young Leaders are three really good programs,” said Higgins.

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