Columbus Main Street gets marketing advice from professionals

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – Being a part of the community in any way can affect the way businesses reach out to you.

The board of Main Street Columbus brought in a fresh set of eyes to gather information and help them come up with a plan to attract more people and business to the Friendly City.

It’s the science of business.

Research and data can influence everything from advertisement and logo designs to color usage.

The Main Street Columbus Board recently asked some professionals to gather that data and suggest ways to bring people in and keep them coming back.

Ben Muldrow of Arnett Muldrow and Associates said one of the most important things to look at is education and the workforce in the community.

“I think any time we talk about telling a community’s story we need to understand the dynamics and numbers so obviously when we look at things like the education and available education to our young people in the community and look at our job growth and industrial growth those are all the sustainable components to having a good strong economy,” said Muldrow.

This isn’t the first time Columbus has gone to professionals for help in marketing strategies.

In 2009, Ben Muldrow came in to give some helpful information, and after Columbus made some changes they realized the impact this research can have, and they decided to do it again.

Main Street Board member Kevin Stafford, says many changes have come about since that last meeting and he’s hoping for more improvements to the town.

“14 years ago things like the soccer complex, amenities to the river walk the old river bridge the amphitheater, a lot of those improvements came 14 years ago but also the branding came about that we adopted so. Things like Wassail Fest and Market Street Festival have only gotten bigger and better over the years and think that because we are doing a better job over the community but also telling our story so I hope this time around even though this was strictly branding I still think that’s why we are always looking and always trying to tell our story,” said Stafford.

Main street and even the City of Columbus are thrilled to have this information and are already discussing improvements.

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