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COLUMBUS, Miss. – (WCBI) Students in a gifted studies class at Columbus Middle School met in stiff competition on the state level in Clinton last week. Out of a field of 33 schools, our local kids were impressive when dealing with issues of world trade among nations.

These Columbus Middle School students were big winners after putting together what they researched on what they presented modeled after a United Nations gathering of countries. These summit wizards came back with medals and certificates and well deserved bragging rights.

“We came back the grand champions which was team Canada. We came back there were only two teams there that scored a perfect score on the written exam. And our team Japan was one of those two. We also won for costume, our team South Africa,” said Sylvia Collins, Gifted Studies Teacher.

“Well I was pretty excited. I did not expect that to happen, and it was definitely an interesting turn of events,” said Lucy Whitwam, Student.

“Two teams, global issues, and two of the six teams that they selected as being the best were from Columbus Middle School. Team Zimbabwe and team Nepal,” said Collins.

Before testing and researching their selected country’s political structure, imports and exports, natural resources, and infrastructure needs, these miniature economic advisers took on all challengers.

“And we found out that Nepal is actually a low income country which has many types of governments which helps to, for the human trafficking,” said Laterrica Whitfield, Student.

“For example, Canada has a very good healthcare program,” said Whitwam.

In dealing with each country’s status, the advisers made sure they used about 36 major descriptive vocabulary words.

“Most of the words we were talking about were pretty easy to understand,” said Whitwam.

“GDP, which is gross domestic product. I learned how to calculate it. I learned things about like tariffs, like f you trade with someone that’s not in your alliance, you have to pay a tariff,” said Makayla Miller, Student.

“And these students are seeing that what happens in the United States as well as what happens in Australia, what happens in Bangladesh, it doesn’t matter. Its all intertwined,” said Whitfield.

There were 150 students competing for summit championship.


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