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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) -Columbus candidates went head to head for Thursday tonight’s political forum.

Candidates running in the upcoming municipal election participated.
Voters heard candidates views on pressing issues within the community. The event was open to the public and our very own LaMonica Peters was the moderator.

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  • Tara Griggsby

    The forum was quite informative. I hope this election will result in candidates that really will serve the people. A few of the candidates had a record of doing community work on the volunteer level; that’s says alot. Bo Jarrett expressed the need for just plain “common sense”, and Mayor Smith said “we all got common sense”. I’m sure it may take more than common sense. My favorite remark was the candidate who said his best quality was “his love for people”. That was Marty Turner. The women running for city council spoke with seemingly sincere hearts, and no doubt they do add a different perspective and probably great insight as community leaders. Certainly, based on their experiences and service, they both have been actively serving others. As mothers, as wives, as businesswomen, as citizens who care, their responses were strong. One candidate said he was a pastor, but I was told that it was not true. That certainly makes me wonder about the integrity of some candidates. Maybe some think honesty and integrity don’t really matter???? McFarland spoke about leadership being his strongest quality; based on his record of community service and his work with children, the Boys & Girls Club, Lace Up, and other community projects, he seemed to be a considerable candidate. Lautzenhiser, who formerly worked with the school board, to me didn’t have much substance with his eloquent speaking. I wondered about his record of accomplishment on the school board? I considered the current school system issues, and what his accomplishments were while on the board. I don’t know of any. Robert Smith, the current mayor, has accomplished much since being in office. I’ve seen more happen in Columbus under his leadership than anyone in my lifetime! So on that note, I see no competition. McKay, I think has obvious leadership abilities and is certainly qualified. My greatest hope is that people will not vote color, gender, friendship, or party. A comment was made by a friend that Ms, Byrd had knocked on every door in her ward, but she wasn’t going to win. They said people will vote for according to color. I hope that they will be proven wrong. I hope for once, people will prayerfully consider the best person for the job. Its time to stop being ignorantly controlled by sexism, racism, and what is purely hatred. Its time to love and respect our neighbor.

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