Columbus Summer Workers Program

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)- Today, the Columbus Summer Workers Program celebrated the end of their 10-week long learning experience.

This year, 30 students were chosen to participate in beautifying the city. Among other projects, they planted trees on Highway 50 and cleaned up military flower beds. The program also took a week to teach. life lessons.

Jarrett Winston, a participant said, “We went through a one week schooling that taught you everything about life–like how to keep your credit, how to manage your bank account and how to interview for a job.”

The students are paid for their hard work, making it a win-win for both the participants and the city.

In regards to the money earned, student worker, Ashley Thomas, said “I’m saving it for school…because this is my senior year, and senior year is expensive.”

Supervisors of the program served as both bosses and mentors. Douglas Cockrell Jr. said,  “I’ve enjoyed it, and I encourage every young person that has the opportunity to participate in a program like this to take the opportunity and try to get in and go through it.”

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