Coming to light; Winona resident’s reaction to morning storm damage

WINONA, Miss ( WCBI) – People across the state have been waking up to the devastating effects of Friday Night’s storms.

In Winona, several homes were destroyed on Hwy 407

One homeowner compares being in the middle of the storm last night versus witnessing the result of the destruction once the sun rose this morning.

“It’s pretty overwhelming…,” said Tim Taylor.

Many residents in Winona shared Tim Taylor’s feelings as they realized the destruction they witnessed on Friday night was a reality and not a dream.

Taylor was with his family in the basement when the tornado touched down on his home.

It’s a scene could never imagine being a part of.

“You see this stuff and you think it’s not going to happen to you and it does,” said Taylor.

During the cleanup, crews were looking to salvage anything they could.

” We are moving our stuff out because the roof is pretty much off the whole house and the back and to save our furniture and stuff we are just moving out,” said Taylor.

Mayor Aaron Dees was on sight helping Taylor who is not only a friend but his pastor.

He says it’s heartbreaking to see his community like this.

“Winona has never had anything like this happen before. We’ve been missed a lot of times but this time to be hit not only once but twice we are devastated there is no other word for it,” said Dees.

While many suffered complete damage to their homes, the mayor says he’s hopeful the resiliency of the residents of Winona will allow for a powerful comeback.

” Here’s the thing. We are going to grow. We are going to build back even this particular home that I’m standing at right here that I’m standing in said we are going to level it down. We are going to build it back and it’s going to be better than ever. I think that’s the attitude that Winonnians have we may be up against the wall but we always have that fight in us to come back,” said Dees.

Taylor and many others in the community are looking for different housing options while they wait to rebuild

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