Communities plan alternatives to the traditional Trick-or-Treating

NORTH MISSISSIPPI, Miss. (WCBI)- Spooky season is here. Ghouls and princesses are perfecting their costumes, and communities are planning for their Halloween events.

But in some places, the traditional neighborhood trick or treating is giving way to more organized activities.

“It’s just a fun way for us to promote things you know to be a part of the community, but also just a way for kids to have a safe environment and stuff for them to have fun get some candy, just a fun way for them to have fun at Halloween,” said Lisa Cox.

Winston County Sheriff Jason Pugh says events like Louisville’s citywide Trunk or Treat can ease some of the fears parents might have about the holiday.

“They’re around people they trust and know, and bad things don’t happen like it, so it’s great it’s a great time. not to mention they’re not walking the streets they’re not getting hit by cars, you know, all the other things that can go wrong,” said Pugh.

And it’s not just a safer place for kids to run around but also a more trustworthy source for their candy.

“I can remember hospitals would X-ray candy to make sure it didn’t have needles in it I can remember. In years past that people would bring their candy and their kids to the office, and we would look through it to try to make sure it was safe, so this is a good safe alternative that we’re doing here in Louisville,” said Pugh.

Kids also have the opportunity to meet community and business leaders.

“You know it’s businesses going to be providing the candy and just fun activities for the whole family to do,” said Cox.

“We enjoy the interaction with the children. They get to see the good side of the fire department, the good side of the sheriff’s department, the good side of the police department,” said Pugh.

The Starkville Truck-or-Treat is Monday, October 28, at the Starkville Sportplex from 5:30-7:30.

The Louisville Trunk-or-Treat is Thursday, October 31, at the Louisville Coliseum from 6-8:30.

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