Community members find ways to help beloved business owner

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – The reaction was quick and furious on social media once word got out that Musa was put in handcuffs.

He owns the United Deli in east Columbus.

Now, thousands of dollars have been raised for Musa to make repairs to his businesses.

Adel Musa is most well known for being at the United Deli but he owns other businesses.

He said he was trying to protect his property from another potential burglar and many folks are agreeing with him.

Now, instead of giving Musa money at the cash register they are going online to help him.

Most days you will see Adel Musa, or Mr. John, behind the counter making hamburgers or greeting customers as they come inside the United Deli.

The store and the food are a staple in east Columbus.

After learning of his arrest, the customers that usually pay for a sandwich were finding more money to help with repairs.

“I saw the news that John was having issues and a lot of people in the community didn’t know the problems that he was having with his equipment and people vandalizing stuff and when I went to see him that day I just knew we had to do something,” said Krieger.

And that “something” was a GoFundMe account that has raised over $20,000.

Colin Krieger said he and others are hoping this will help Musa out with the money he has lost through several burglaries.

“I don’t know if there is anyone more popular than him. He’s sort of like a little Santa Clause and he does so much good and he is so sweet I hope this whole incident works out and I hope everything goes well for him and his family because he has done a ton for other families,” said Krieger.

As word spread, people gave a little extra at the cash register and some contractors stepped up to help keep the burglars at bay.

“Thank you everyone for your support to every person and this community and around the state. I appreciate everybody,” said Musa.

Krieger said the Police Overview Committee has received inquiries to meet and discuss possibly talking to The Columbus Police Department about the arrest. No word on if that will happen.

The GoFundMe has raised more than $20,000. The goal was $5,000.

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