Construction for the 13th edition Maroon Home is underway

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)- A fresh start or just something new can make a big difference for people. The Starkville Habitat for Humanity broke ground on one of those fresh starts for one of their neighbors. Words weren’t enough to express Keva Robertson’s excitement when she found out her wait for a new home, would soon be over.

“I got denied the first time but I tried again I didn’t give up and the second time was a blessing; all I could do was cry,” said Robertson.

Over the years, Mississippi State University and the Starkville chapter of Habitat for Humanity have partnered to build 13 homes. Mississippi State president Mark Keenum said he knows these projects are about more than just four walls and a roof.

“The wonderful thing about the Maroon edition habitat house is It allows students, faculty members, staff, and retirees from Mississippi State to come out here to build a home to a deserving family,” said Keenum.

Every home is a team effort and a chance to learn new skills. The building process is mostly done by volunteers throughout the community.

“You go to John and he’ll give you a task whether it’s pinning, framing getting lights together, getting the scaffolding from the warehouse. You can do a little bit of everything out here which is cool. You don’t have to be experienced or good at anything we’ll show you,” said volunteer Hayden Tackerer.

“Getting volunteers even though we’re in a pandemic has not really been hard it’s just we have to try to limit the number of people at a time, manage it as safely as we can, you know, and still make progress,” said the volunteer coordinator Young Kerby.

Roberston, her two children, and her fiance are expected to be in the new home before Christmas and that’s a gift that the family can’t wait to see.

“She’s been waiting for a blessing like this to come through and finally it did and I couldn’t be happier for her,” said Robertson’s fiance Laquante Gaston.

Keva Robertson’s home is the 13th Maroon Edition home.

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