CPD officers awarded for saving woman from Luxapalila Creek bridge


COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – A group of Columbus police officers are being called heroes after they stopped a woman from potentially committing suicide.

Corporal Eric Lewis and Investigator Aaron Andrew were recognized for their service.

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The officers received a certificate of commendation at Tuesday night’s city council meeting.

It was a week ago Tuesday when CPD was notified that a woman was sitting along the bridge at the Luxapalila Creek.

Officers immediately rushed over and used de-escalation techniques to talk the woman off the bridge.

Lewis and Andrew said they’re just thankful things were able to end the situation they way they did.

“I’m thankful for the Columbus Police Department for the training that I’ve been on this far. Some of the training I did half help me to assess the situation a little bit better then I probably would if I didn’t have the training,” said Investigator Andrew.

“A lot of times we take criticism as police officers, and sometimes it feels good to get a pat on the back. It’s something then we don’t look for, it’s something we don’t go out and do stuff to look to get there, but when it does happen it’s very gratifying to us that somebody saw what we did or recognized the service that we do,” said Corporal Lewis.

Officer John Tulipan also assisted in last weeks rescue and was awarded for his efforts.

Chief Fred Shelton said the woman rescued was able to receive the help she needed and is now doing okay.