Crossroads sober living opens a new home for men

COLUMBUS, Miss (WCBI)-  Crossroads Sober Living Home is opening a facility to help those suffering from drug and alcohol abuse. The center will be used for fellowship, worship, and a transition into a sober living style.

What was once a dark road, now has a light at the end of the tunnel. That’s the mission president Dusty Snider of Crossroads Sober Living Home is aiming towards.

“Our end goal is not to stop at just a transition house we want to have a full Christian rehab in Columbus MS where we can help an addict from day 1 through the rest of his life,” said Snider.

Snider says he and team members have overcome their own battles. Now, he’s getting other men on the right path.

“I am in recovery also and I know that finding people that can support and encourage me I can share my life with was absolutely monumental in my recovery,” said bodybuilders small group leader Stacy Leggett.

“I’m a recovering addict myself and I went through a place similar to this when I first came to Columbus,” said night manager of Crossroads James Angelo.

” I’m a recovering addict as well; it’s not something I read about I’ve experienced it I know exactly what’s going on and I think that’s the best fit for me,” said Snider.

Snider says his team wouldn’t have reached this level of supporting others without guidance.

“This has always been the heart of mine to reach out and minister to try to help people who are drug and alcohol struggling,” said pastor Kenny Gardner.

“When God impresses something in your heart it doesn’t leave,” said Gardner.

Lowes, Rock Bottom, and other companies are helping furnish the place, but the coordinators still feel there are bigger blessings aside from material.

“There’s something so powerful about people that know exactly what they’ve been set free from,” said Leggett.

“More important to me are the things that I lost. The anger, the bitterness, the resentment, you know, hatred that kind of thing. That’s the biggest blessing of this program,” said Angelo

Snider and the Crossroad team plan to have the house completely furnished and remodeled by next week and encourage if you know anyone battling an addiction to not hesitate to contact them or stopping by.

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