Crowd fills Robin’s Unique Boutique for closing sale

That meant everything had to go - and customers were able to get deals as low as 50% off.

ABERDEEN, Miss. (WCBI)- A popular boutique in Aberdeen is closing its storefront after 15 years in business.
Robin’s Unique Boutique announced on social media the closing last week.
Lines of shoppers wrapped around Robins Unique Boutique for their store-front closing sale.
That meant everything had to go – and customers were able to get deals as low as 50% off.
Owner Robin Bounds said the turnout was huge.
“I’ve never had this many people in my store. I’ve had a lot of busy days but nothing like this,” Bounds said.
Bethany Kitchens worked to ring up the line of customers.
” It’s craziness. I know I have checked out over 300 people and my line is still back to the end of the store so it is just crazy,” Kitchens.
Kayla Tutor says she was in line for close to two hours to checkout but she was able to get several good deals.
” Well, most of mine is behind the register. I have some jeans and some boots and several things of jewelry,” Tutor said.
JoAnna Hall and her niece Ivy Reynolds got a bag full of goodies and were still looking for more.
“We got a ‘what would dolly do necklace,” Hall said.

“I got a headband,” Reynolds said.

“and we got some Kendra Scott,” Hall said.
Even the youngest shoppers were able to get in on the fun
WCBI asked Blakely Belcher what she had picked out.
” Like a Stanley Cup. House shoes, a necklace, shirts,” Belcher said.
Maya Gardner told WCBI she was shopped out for the day.
” No we are done,” Gardener said.
RUB employee Anna Neal says they expected to be busy and didn’t imagine the crowd would be this big.
She was working behind the jewelry counter helping one customer after another.
” I mean we just kind of been running around and trying to help as many people as possible. I have been stuck behind here mainly building your story necklaces and picking out which Reynoldo will look better with whoever,” Neal said.
Owner Robin Bounds said after 15 years in business this was a hard decision to make, but she knew it was best for her and her family.
” I’ve been looking at doing this for 2 years now. Bethany was the whole reason I did this store and she is ready to be home with her children more and I’m at the age I don’t want to keep doing it myself. It’s just really sad. This is my baby,” Bounds said.
and she is thankful for all the support she has had along the way.
Like everyone else, WCBI’s Kealy Shields had to check out a deal or two.
” Okay y’all so I have got my stuff and I am going to hop in line. Just don’t tell my bosses I was shopping on the job,” Shields said.
The RUB will be transitioning to an online only in the next few months.
Bounds she is excited to spend quality time with her family.

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