Drag racing is faster and more furious across the Golden Triangle

GOLDEN TRIANGLE, Miss. (WCBI) – Drag racing is becoming faster and more furious across The Golden Triangle.

And that has area law enforcement agencies trying to play catch up.

Popular movies like the Fast and Furious franchise have influenced a new generation to test their skills behind the wheel.

But they’re not winning any fans among law enforcement, who remind you that street racing’s not just illegal – it can be deadly.

“You know you’re gonna kill an innocent bystander innocent citizen. You’re gonna kill yourself,” said Clay County Sheriff Eddie Scott.

This is the sound that’s been roaring through neighborhood streets and country roads across the Golden Triangle.

Scott said that drag racing is both a nuisance and a hazard.

“Something is going to happen. This is dangerous is reckless. There are areas I’ve got racetracks in Monroe County. They’ve got one over your area of clay and Oktibbeha County. Suppose you want to do this kind of stuff. This is where you need to go. Stay out of the public,” Scott said.

And there’s more than just bragging rights on the line. Some of these races are for high stakes.

“Some of the younger generations, but you got some out there there’s actually betting money on these races, and these are the ones again, they not gonna say that professional, but they’re good at what they do,” Scott said.

Scott said that they are not only good at racing, but they’re also good at not getting caught.

“They know how long they’ve got in an area before the unit started responding to that. So again, most of the time, by the time we get to call from our citizens, they’re already in the process of racing in within minutes of being through and being gone. So it makes it very hard for our rural law enforcement agencies to be catching these guys,” Scott said.

Hard but not impossible. And Mississippi Highway Patrol Sergeant Derrick Beckom said when they do catch up with them there are steep penalties for racing and risking the lives of others.

“The fine for that is up to $1,000 or six months in jail and or both, so the cost of that could really get you in some serious question,” Beckom said.

And even though these outlaw racers have been making a quick getaway, law enforcement officers are still asking people to call in and report them, so they can be quicker off the line in trying to catch them.

“Just if you witness that or know what’s going on in your area, don’t hesitate to give us a call and let us know, and maybe we can intercept some of that,” Beckom said.

If you see something, say something. Call 911, your local law enforcement, or the non-emergency number *47.

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