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CAFB, Miss. – (WCBCI) Over 100 fifth graders from Columbus and Lowndes County schools were at Columbus Air Force Base today [Thursday] for an Earth And Arbor Day celebration.

Freedom Park at Columbus Air Force Base becomes a place where those school children are learning how to conserve our natural resources while creating green jobs for our people. Even the top brass at the base is pitching in.

“We only have one planet here that we get to live on. So we need to keep it for the long haul,” said Lt. Colonel David Mesissen, CAFB.

At one of 15 stations students find out just how to conserve electricity. Seeing that it is Arbor Day, they also got a chance to plant three October Glory trees.

“Our trees produce our oxygen and we need oxygen to breathe,” said Ashlyn Glover, Nature Lover.

“We need to plant trees because we need oxygen to live,” said Rayne Phillips, Nature Lover.

On this special day these nature lovers are instructed on which plants and animals in our area we should keep an eye on.

“Get a chance to promote some ways to protect the environment and for us to live in balance with earth,” said Lt. Meissen.

“And it just helps the earth and it just makes everybody happy and they look pretty,” added Phillips.




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