Election Day approaching soon: New poll shows close gubernatorial race

MISSISSIPPI (WCBI) – A new poll shows a very tight gubernatorial race, as election day looms just two weeks away.

The survey done by Public Policy Polling shows Republican Governor Tate Reeves with a 1% lead over Democratic challenger Brandon Presley.

The Democratic Governors Association released the data.

Both candidates were in the WCBI viewing area. So, we caught up with them to ask about the poll and the possibility of a runoff in the race for the Governor’s Mansion.

“Well, I will tell you this, we don’t worry too much about the polls. We’re focused on the only poll that matters, which is on election day. The reality is that those individuals can make polls say whatever they want them to say. The only thing that matters is the people that go vote two weeks from tomorrow. And we’re encouraging people all over the state to go vote,” said Governor Tate Reeves.

“Well we’re prepared for any eventuality but we believe we’re gonna win two weeks from tomorrow. Folks in Mississippi are fired up and ready to go because they understand just how important this election is. We’re seeing massive voter engagement already, and I think come election day, we’re gonna have a huge turnout. We’re gonna have a victory,” said Governor Candidate Brandon Presley.

A candidate must receive 50% of the vote plus one in the election to win. If that does not happen, there will be a runoff in the governor’s race.

The general election is November 7.

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