Emergency Management and First Responders share plans for possible flooding

LOWNDES COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – As rain Continues, people in the Golden Triangle may want to be mindful of those areas that are prone to flooding.

Winston, after some much-needed rain it looks like it will be here for a while. Now it’s possible that we may be getting too much, and that has some people in the area concerned about flooding in their homes.

After a dry Summer, the skies have opened up.

And that has some saying ‘Rain Rain Go Away’ but it’s here to stay for the next few days.

As the rain continues to fall, flooding may be a possibility and that has Lowndes County EMA Director Cindy Lawrence urging people to take precautions.

“If water is rising we usually try to contact people in the area and say please monitor closely and if you need to evacuate to higher ground you need to do so before the water actually comes into your home,” said Lawrence.

While Lawrence may be on the lookout for dangers, Columbus Fire and Rescue is always prepared if you find yourself in high waters.

“Calls that come during the day we don’t know what’s happening but we train on several different disciplines and we try to be ready at a moment’s notice,” said Graham.

And Battalion Chief Todd Graham says fire trucks aren’t their only means of transportation.

“We are equipped for water rescues and on the flooding issues, we usually let people know in advance that water is coming. we have equipment ready at a moment’s notice. we have two dive boats. an inflatable boat. we have a dive team trailer that’s equipped with wet water gear,” said Graham.

Whether it be Emergency Management or First Responders there is a great chance that you will be updated for any natural disaster that may come your way.

“We try to provide the information to the community to get them prepared so when it does happen they are not in the homes we don’t have to get up and get them out of this house and evacuate to higher grounds we tell them to always monitor the weather and call us when you have questions we are here to help do whatever we can to get you to safety,” said Lawrence.

If you find yourself needing a few things to prevent water from coming into your home you can call your local EMA Director for guidance.

But remember, the time to call is before the water gets to your home.

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