EMA Director Says Farewell

PICKENS COUNTY, Ala. (WCBI) – As the year winds down to a close the residents of Pickens County prepare to say goodbye to Emergency Management Agency Director Ken Gibson.

Serving a total of 10 years in the emergency response field, Gibson will be officially retiring at the end of 2017, which is right around the corner.

Gibson served 10 years as the 911 director and 10 years as the EMA Director.

During Gibson’s time as director,Gibson added 15 community storm shelters throughout the area and instilling in the community the importance of having a natural disaster plan.

Gibson says he’s loved serving the community and hopes the younger generation will follow in his foot steps.

“I encourage the younger people to be much more involved in volunteering especially in the volunteer fire department. They’re getting older and there aren’t a lot of young volunteers coming in. If anything happens that should be one of the things that should take priority is getting more volunteers,” says Gibson.

Today was Gibson’s official last day to work as the Pickens County EMA Director.

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