FBI raids local Columbus business J5

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)- Around 9 a.m. federal agencies made their way inside the J5 building in Columbus.

State and local law enforcement agencies also assisted going through the building and collecting files.

Here’s what we know at this moment.

” It’s bad for the city and it’s bad for J5,” said Gaven.

That’s the statement former city council member Bill Gaven says after learning J5 was raided by the Federal Bureau Investigation Thursday morning.

” When I was a councilman, they were contracted with us to help manage the public works department. They would clear the sidewalks, street pavings, and things of things of that nature. As they progressed, along with the city they gotten developed and gotten involved with some construction projects we had,” said Gaven.

Now, the company is under fire. FBI agents raided the building. Boxes filled with files were collected for evidence.

And the question that many people have right now, what happened?

” They’ve had some tax problems in the past, I don’t know if it’s about that. I would hate speculate at this point in time about what it could be,” said Gaven.

Katie Greenleaf is the Public Affairs Officer with the FBI Jackson Division Office.

Greenleaf tells WCBI this.

” Currently we are engaged in court-authorized law enforcement activity, there is no threat to the community. We should be able to give you more information at a later date,” said Greenleaf.

Greenleaf declined to release more information on the incident.

” We have any state, local, and federal law enforcement agencies assisting today,” said Greenleaf.

” At a later date, we will be able to give a better statement regarding all the agencies that provided assistance and support today. We will tell you many federal agencies and state and local authorities,” said Dunn.

Supervisory Special Agent Nicole Dunn said it could take hours to clear the scene.

” I’ll go as long as it takes. I think what you see at this point is what you’ll see the rest of the day,” said Dunn.

It’s possible more arrests will be made soon. We will release updated information as it becomes available.

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