Fearless Karate hosts clinic with Power Ranger actors

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – Dozens of students gathered in Starkville to show off their karate skills with the help from surprise guests. “They can be a superhero in every day of their life,” Josh Buford said. Josh Buford is the owner of Fearless Karate in Starkville. He said the clinic is a great way to show a different style of the art. “We want these kids to dream big. Obviously, a lot of them love to watch superhero movies and have their favorite superhero and we want them to know that hey, there are career opportunities as they get older and experience this journey and they can accomplish anything they set their mind to,” Buford said. The clinic featured celebrity guests and martial arts specialists Jewelianna Ramos-Ortiz and Justin Ortiz, actors from The Power Rangers: Dark Unity Series. Ortiz said clinics like this helps the students’ interests grow. “It’s a great retention tool. At the same time, any new people, it’s a great way to get them involved in the martial arts. And those that have been doing the martial arts, it kind of gives a different outlet of what they can do after it, after their done getting their back belt and it’s what they want to do in the future,” Ortiz said. Kids got a chance to work alongside the actors and learned how to kick, punch, block, and even key character traits. “Confidence, their discipline, respect. They learn so many different attributes in here and in martial arts. Especially at Fearless martial arts, they’ve got such a family culture where you’re being raised up right and you’re being taught how to be a black belt inside and outside of the mat,” Ramos-Ortiz said. And it’s more than just having fun. The main thing the instructors wanted the children to learn was discipline. “If they’re going to be doctors, they’re going to want to be the very best. If they’re going to be veterinarians, they’re going to want to be the very best. They’re going to care, they’re going to be disciplined, they’re going to study and they’re going to really train for whatever it is that they do,” Ramos-Ortiz said. “It’s a great tool, a great foundation because it teaches many mental aspects, emotional aspects, and as well as physical aspects all combined. So, it makes them become complete in a way,” Ortiz said. For those interesting in joining Fearless Karate, visit their Facebook page or call.

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