Fire chief warns building fires in abandoned buildings especially dangerous

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – During the cold weather, it is possible to find homeless people seeking warmth in abandoned homes.

And while some are there, they might make fires for extra warmth.

According to Columbus Fire Chief Duane Hughes, this can cause the house itself to catch on fire.

Hughes said while they try their best to keep others out for safety precautions they also ask others to help guide the homeless to a safer place.

“Some of the most tragic fires that we’ve had here in the city of Columbus have occurred in abandoned structures and residences. When it comes to businesses, Columbus Fire and Rescue has the authority to go in and inspect those. We do those annually but when it comes to private residences we do not have the authority to go in and inspect so we depend on citizens to let us know if something like that is going on. If we have someone that may be homeless trying to get out of the weather using that as a warming shelter,” said Hughes.

If you find someone in need of shelter, there are places like the Salvation Army and the Homeless Coalition that are happy to help.

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