Fraud may come into play once government funds are dispensed

MONTGOMERY COUNTY,  Miss. (WCBI) – The Better Business Bureau warns the public to be on high alert for scams.

Storm victims can become scam victims when government funds are handed out.

Leaders of the BBB said if you are rebuilding, your contractor has to be approved by the state of Mississippi.

Any repairs over $10,000 must be handled by a state-licensed contractor.

When hiring a repair professional, you ask to see a Mississippi contractor license and business license.

Confirm that the business is legit before paying for services or releasing any secured information.

“You’ll get people from all over the nation that comes here because they know that there’s a rebuild that needs to happen,” said John O’Hara, BBB CEO serving Mississippi.  “They know that there’s going to be money. They know that there’s gonna be insurance checks cut. FEMA checks cut. MEMA checks cut. So they chase that money. And they might not be qualified to do the work. And that’s where people really need to be careful and check these people out.”

O’Hare encouraged people to research companies they hire to rebuild and clean up.

Damaged property, identity theft, stolen government funds, or worse can occur if money is put into the wrong hands.

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