Girl Scouts troop gives to local animal sanctuary


LOWNDES COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – Lions and tigers may not eat cookies, but a healthy donation from an area Girl Scout Troop is filling a lot of bowls at Cedarhill Animal Sanctuary in Lowndes County.

The Scouts from Troop 23223 in Caledonia presented a check for $1,700.00 to Cedarhill.

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The money came from the troop’s annual Girl Scout Cookie sales.

The young entrepreneurs donate one third of their profits to an area charity each year.

Cadet Leader Carrnen Machen says the girls get to choose their charity.

” And they had to nominate a charity within that small group, and we put those to a big vote, and the majority voted for Cedarhill.”

” We have over 250 animals here at Cedarhill, and that’s a lot of mouths to feed. We have about 18 exotic cats, ranging from 14 tigers, 2 lion, 3 bobcats, and each of those eats about 10 pounds of raw meat a day, and that adds up. And we have almost 200 domestic cats here, and as my doctor says: that’s lots of Fancy Feast.” says Cedarhill Program Developer Karen Amundson.

The girls got a treat of their own, a chance to see the big cats up close. If you’d like to donate to Cedarhill, check out their Facebook page.