Video: Gov. Bryant Defends Position On State Flag On College Campuses


WEST POINT, Miss. (WCBI) – Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant is continuing to respond to state colleges that have taken steps to remove the state flag from campuses.

Bryant takes time today to comment on the matter while in northeast Mississippi. He has stuck by his long-held position that the state should keep the flag as it is.

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He says Wednesday he wishes it were up for a vote in November and adds that Mississippi code states that people should treat the state flag with the same respect as the American flag.

“No matter what you feel about the flag, that happens to be the state law,” he said. “If I’m telling college students as the president of a university I can ignore the state law, what type of concept do they then have?”

Mississippi State University is allowing a number of deans to remove the state flag from their buildings and Mississippi University for Women announced Tuesday it’s removing the state flag from its campus.