Gov. Reeves responds after reading name ‘Harry Azcrac’ during graduation shout-outs


JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) – During Tate Reeves’ Sunday morning Facebook Live, a prankster slipped in a little gift for the governor.

While reading out the names of graduating seniors, one name slipped through the cracks, literally.

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A Mr. Harry Azcrac… read that again… was announced by the governor as one of the seniors missing out on a normal graduation.

Of course, thousands of seniors are being forced to celebrate at home due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak that has shuttered businesses as well as birthday celebrations, graduations, and many other large gatherings.

Reeves responded today to the prankster via Twitter.

He said in jest, “In 10 minutes we’ll be honoring more graduates on Facebook Live. Maybe even Ben—the pride of the Dover family.”


State Auditor Shad White also responded saying, “Congratulations to the entire Azcrac family.”

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