Gov. Tate Reeves: Evictions resuming on June 1


Governor Tate Reeves announced Wednesday that evictions will start back up on June 1.

The governor put in place a two-month eviction suspension for those financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Governor Reeves said he announced it Wednesday to give those who rent time to start getting things in order to begin making payments.

While the coronavirus threat is still ongoing, much of the state has begun to reopen.

The numbers of patients in the ICU or on ventilators have stayed stable, according to state health officials.

45% of the deaths the state health department says have happened in long term care settings and that’s why the state will continue to focus a lot of efforts there.

we’re going to continue an aggressive testing approach in long term settings to make sure we can identify those employees that may be infected, get them excluded so there’s no additional transmission. Identify those residents so we can take the appropriate effective control,” said Gov. Reeves.

State health leaders also said that only 17% of COVID-19 patients have been hospitalized in the state of Mississippi.