Governor Reeves says midterms were promising for Republicans

JACKSON, Miss. (WCBI) – Governor Tate Reeves said the midterms were promising for Republicans.

Reeves said with the GOP regaining control of the House will provide what he said is a much-needed balance on Capitol Hill.

During an interview Wednesday at the Governor’s Mansion, Reeves said he expects Republicans to stop much of President Biden’s agenda over the next two years.

“In Washington DC, we have a gas pedal, that is Joe Biden pushing everything as far left as possible, but now you have a brake and that brake is the US House of Representatives, and they can stand up and say, ‘You know Mr. President, we don’t think the American people want us to move that far to the left, I think there’s a lot of people in America that have buyer’s remorse, we won a large number of House districts, across America, we were successful in some Governor’s races, we won the Nevada race and we’re really proud of that, but we have more work to and what the 2022 elections said more than anything else, is we have a very divided country,” said Reeves.

Reeves also said he is gearing up and ready for next year’s state races. The governor said he plans to run on his record of economic growth and job creation, and his handling of the Covid pandemic.

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