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MONROE COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI)- The family of one of the victims of Sunday’s deadly Wisconsin spa shooting is speaking out.

Cary Robuck’s grandmother and father both live in Greenwood Springs, Mississippi.

Cary was 1 of 3 women killed when Radcliffe Haughton, 45, stormed into the Azana Span and Salon sunday with a .40 caliber handgun. The estranged husband of Zina Haughton, 42, opened fire before committing suicide. Haughton died, as did Cary Robuck, 35, and Maelyn M. Lind, 38.

Mable Robuck, 82, says her and her family are still in shock over the death of her granddaughter Cary. She remembers when she first heard about the shooting.

“Cary worked for a foot doctor in Milwaukee and she’s a manicurist. She did this part-time. And sunday morning she went to the spa up there to do a manicure and at 11:00, this guy walked in and opened fire. She was the first one at the door and he killed her first. It just blows your mind. I don’t know what the world’s coming to. You’re not even safe in your own home now, much less out anywhere. Everybody’s carrying weapons and shooting…it’s..scary..”

Mable remembers the last time she spoke to Cary.

“Last week, one day she called and we called talked on the phone. She hadn’t been down here in a couple of years. She had to work 2 jobs and make ends meet and what not.”

Making ends meet to take care of a 17-year-old daughter she loved dearly. Cary was a dedicated worker, with a vibrant personality.

“She was quiet, in a way until you could get the Robuck stirred up in her! She was a hard-worker and she liked the finer things in life. She was a sharp dresser. She kept herself made up and hair done and everything. She was just a sweet, sweet girl.”

As the family prepares to make funeral arrangements, Mable says she’s still having a hard time processing that the grand daughter she loved so much is gone.

“I try to keep it out of my mind. I’m going to miss her terribly. I don’t know if I could stand to go back to Wisconsin and her not being there…but I guess there’s nothing we can do. These things happen and you just have to live with them and go on..But it’s sure sad.”

Cary celebrated her 35th birthday in September. Mable says her son and Cary’s father, Tim Robuck, is in Wisconsin planning Cary’s funeral.  Mable is unsure at this time when the funeral will take place, but says it will most likely be in Cary’s hometown: Racine, Wisconsin.

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