Group members calling for Medicaid expansion make stop in Tupelo

TUPELO, Miss. (WCBI) – A group aligned with the Democrat Party of Mississippi is calling for an expansion of Medicaid in the state.

The organization known as “Save Our Hospitals” made a stop in Tupelo for a news conference. Members of the group are calling on the governor and Republican leaders to expand Medicaid.

They claim that would free up $1 billion that could help low-income Mississippians, along with rural hospitals throughout the state.

State Representative Rickey Thompson said expanding Medicaid would benefit all Mississippians.

“Right now we have an excess of $1 billion if we expand so that will be part of the money we can use, along with working across the aisle to make sure it is sustainable, not a burden on the state,” said Thompson. “When you look at the $1 billion we are missing for not expanding, that’s something we have to think about and consider, how can we take advantage of that for Mississippians that do not have health insurance.”

The group made several stops across the state as part of the “Save our Hospitals” tour.

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