High, dry, and hot for the next week

COLUMBUS – SUMMARY: High pressure keeps skies clear and the sun out for the next week, pushing highs into the mid to upper 90s by next Thursday.
FRIDAY: Mid to upper 80s highs are in the queue once again, but thankfully we continue to contend with a lack of moisture. Drier conditions will keep us somewhat more comfortable as we await a nicer low in the mid 60s.

WEEKEND: Slight warming over the weekend brings our highs into a more consistent upper 80s range, although the dryness and lack of rain remains. Lows touch the upper 60s.

NEXT WEEK: As high pressure continues to churn out sunshine for Northeastern Mississippi and Western Alabama the afternoon temperatures will continue to rise and rise, eventually hitting the mid to upper 90s by next Thursday. Lows likewise, will creep into the low 70s by overnight Tuesday.


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