High grocery costs have many seeking alternative options

Many families are sourcing their produce from local farms to combat rising prices at the store

TUPELO, Miss. (WCBI) – The lunchtime rush is on at Native Son Farm.

“We incorporated what we grow here on the farm into a kitchen, so we have a grab-and-go section, veggie burger wraps,” said Antonia Hankins, owner of Native Son Farm.

Native Son Farm started 17 years ago as a provider of local, certified naturally grown, chemical-free produce and products.  Currently, more than 300 people are part of the community-supported agriculture program.

“You come by once a week, or bi-weekly, and you pick up everything we harvested the day of or the day before,” Hankins said.

And with the rise in grocery prices, it is budget-friendly.

“If you go a commercial, box store, you will pay more for organic produce and it’s more likely not local,” she said.

Eating organic, locally grown produce is great and with a little bit of knowledge, you don’t have to sacrifice taste, when cooking.

“Nobody wants to get a carrot and eat a carrot all day, but there are ways to cook that carrot to make it really good, there’s a way to cook food to taste really good and to make you feel so much better,” said Julie Gibens, who is a certified functional nutrition coach.  She holds classes on how to make healthy choices.  She cooks large quantities in a crock pot or InstaPot and freezes the leftovers in small portions.

She also encourages people to look at the ingredients in the foods they buy.

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