High winds bring threat of tree, power line damage

COLUMBUS, Mississippi (WCBI) – Both non-thunderstorm AND thunderstorm wind gusts bring increased potential of tree and power line damage to the region Wednesday.

Gradient winds are expected to exceed 50+mph before the storms arrive, and this will weaken trees and possibly bring damage to power lines causing power outages for the affected areas. Traveling will also be difficult especially for pickup trucks, box trucks, RVs, and some SUVs. These non-thunderstorm wind gusts have the whole state of Mississippi and parts of west Alabama under a RARE high wind warning until 7pm.

After 2pm the squall line bringing in those severe thunderstorms will have winds exceeding 70+mph. Even though high winds are our primary concern tornadoes cannot be ruled out.


Be sure to have multiple ways to stay updated with weather warnings with the potential chance of power outages today. Make sure that all your devices are charged and you have a safe zone ready to go as severe thunderstorms with the possibility of tornadoes head our way.

-Avaionia Smith
WCBI Weather Intern

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