Hoarded dogs relocated within 48 hours after Sheriff’s discovery

MONROE COUNTY (WCBI) – Sunday night, The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call and later determined that the family was hoarding dogs.

Everyone needs a furry friend but sometimes too many friends can be a little toxic and even a place that is meant to hold dogs know when to let go.

On Sunday, the Monroe County deputies responded to a call on Appaloosa Drive near Smithville.

When they got there, they found the homeowner, her father, a child, and dogs everywhere.

Deputies determined that conditions were unsafe.

Child Protective Services took custody of the Child.

The Amory Humane Society was called in to remove the dogs from the home.

Monroe County Sheriff Kevin Crook says while he does love dogs, a person’s health is always more important.

“That’s the most I’ve ever heard of. Nothing really shocks me too much anymore but it was definitely a situation that is not good for living conditions. If you had a 6,000 square-foot house, 84 dogs is still a lot but in a trailer house it was just ridiculous,” said Sheriff Crook.

84. That’s the number of dogs that were held at the Amory Humane Society Monday night now some may ask…Where are they?

The answer is a little bit of everywhere.

After The Amory Humane Society got the dogs, Leigh Ann Hubbard said they quickly realized that they did not have enough space.

“It’s a lot of dogs. 84 dogs is a lot for a small facility like this and so immediately when we got the call the director Misty started networking with rescues from around the country they just stepped up amazingly and by the next morning all of the rescues were placed in another shelter which was astonishing,” said Hubbard.

Hubbard said while they are committed to caring for animals like these, sometimes it’s best to share the puppy love.

“There are a lot of rescues that will ship dogs from the south up north where they have less of a problem with stray animals and they have a lot of people wanting to adopt especially small dogs like dachshunds that will get adopted much faster,” said Hubbard.

Sheriff Crook said there are no charges being filed at this time.

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