HSFT Stop #33 — Calhoun Academy Cougars

Calhoun City, MS — Calhoun Academy head coach JoJo Pearson saw plenty of success in his first season at the helm of the program. While many of his seniors from that 7-4 team are gone, he’s excited about the talent that’s coming up.

“It makes me really excited as we go forward with a younger group coming through now, in my second year,” Pearson said. “I think that we have a real opportunity for success this year and as we move on throughout the years.”

He doesn’t see losing those seniors as a disadvantage either.

“A lot of teams are in the same position we’re in,” Pearson said. “I believe our ceiling is very high. I’m never going to tell our guys that we can’t win a state championship because we can.”

Pearson said he’s loved getting to mentor these kids and build meaningful relationships. And his kids are just as happy he’s at Calhoun Academy.

“As soon as coach Pearson got here, I got a lot of time last year and I really found my love for football, and I’m going to go out with a bang this year,” Collin Hastings said.

Pearson is expanding his role at Calhoun Academy this year, too. In addition to being the head of the football program, he’s taking on a new role as the head of school, too.

“It does make for long days and a lot of responsibility, but it’s something that I feel very privileged to do,” Pearson said.

One thing he’ll always have time for though are Friday night lights. That’s what his kids are most excited for.

“It’s something you don’t get to do often that makes you feel like you somebody kind of special,” junior Braden Devall said.

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