HSFT Stop #57: West Point

West Point, Miss. (WCBI)- West Point made it to the championship again last year, but for the second year in a row the Green Wave fell one game short of the title and are determined to not let it happen again.

“Our motto is finish,” coach Chris Chambless said. “It left a bad taste in our mouth last year to end it that way. We had a good year last year but our expectations are to win it.”

The team is using the disappointment from the past two seasons as fuel. However everyone has made it clear that they are now fully focused on what’s ahead of them.

“It’s always going to motivation but it’s in the back of our mind, it’s a new season,” linebacker Jhace Mallard said. “The expectation is always a championship, that’s always going to be our expectation so just working hard to get back there and win.”

Six straight state championship appearances, including four rings creates a winning culture. A major reason for the Green Wave’s success is because they want to show out for their town.

“These guys feel the community pressure, these coaches feel the community pressure and we want to give these guys something to be proud of,” Chambless said.

And quarterback Kahnen Daniels wouldn’t have it any other way.

“It’s a dream come true,” Daniels said. “I’ve always dreamed about contributing to a team like this.”

West Point tries to improve every single day knowing that the little improvements will lead to huge benefits.

“Keep taking each week at a time and get better,” Mallard said. “We use the one percent motto. We try to get better everyday.”

That mentality is used in every aspect of West Point’s preparation.

“Every time we step into the weight room, every time we go outside, we get that mindset,” Daniels said.

The lofty goals aren’t just words, the whole team knows they have the ability to be state champions once again.

“I’m very confident, I feel like we have an amazing group of guys,” Mallard said. “Everyone is humble and just ready to put their head down and work.”

West Point will start another state title run August 26th against Louisville.

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