HSFT Stop #34 — Hebron Christian Eagles

Hebron Christian is back on the practice field and the Eagles couldn’t be happier. The school didn’t have enough players to field a varsity team last year. Head coach David Foster doesn’t want his players to take a single moment for granted.

“I tell these kids to play like it’s the last time you get to play,” head coach David Foster said. “Don’t miss the opportunity, because once you graduate you don’t get that opportunity. It is very few people who get to play after high school, just a small percentage of them.”

It took a toll on the team seeing one senior graduate last year without being able to play, but the Eagles are now looking ahead.

“It was rough after practicing all summer and then not being able to play,” guard Wyatt Latham said. “I’m just ready to get out on the field this year and get some business taken care of.”

The team has lots of players that will be taking the varsity field for the first time which can be intimidating.

“Most of us are probably a little bit nervous because they are young and some of them have never played before but I think they will do just fine,” quarterback Davis Foster said.

This is why the leadership from the experienced players is so important.

“It’s different being one of the older ones out here,” Latham said. “It takes good responsibility but it’ll all be worth it in the end.”

Encouragement is something the leaders focus on.

“I just talk to them and tell them everything will be okay, if they make a mistake that’s over with and just go to the next play,” Davis said.

The odds may be stacked against the Eagles but that isn’t stopping them from wanting to play winning football.

“We want to go compete and have a chance to win games,” David said. “I’m just trying to get that over to them and change the culture a little bit.”

Hebron Christian will play it’s first game in two years against Tunica August 19th.

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