HSFT Stop #37 — East Union Urchins

Blue Springs, Miss. (WCBI) — East Union has created a tradition of winning and a big part of that success is measuring it’s team up against bigger schools early in the season.

“It’s better when you play up in competition because you are either going to do two things,” head coach Brandon Cherry said. “You’re either going to rise to that occasion and get better or you’re going to get worse. Our kids the better competition you put on the table the better they play.”

When the Urchins get to district play, they are prepared for anything. Which is a big reason why East Union hasn’t lost a district game in four years. It’s tough to have undefeated be the expectation but Cherry welcomes it.

“It’s pressure for sure but I think it’s a good thing,” Cherry said. “I think going forward that doesn’t change. That expectation that we’re going to compete for a division championship is there, regardless of who is with us.”

The big vocal senior class from last season is gone so it is vital for new guys to step up.

“A lot of times when you have that big of a senior class you have almost a void that’s left, a void of leadership,” Cherry said.” You have guys that don’t know how to step into that role yet. But the seniors we do have understand how much is on their shoulders to keep the program moving forward.”

Players will change but the identity of East Union will always be the same.

“They’re just blue collar kids,” Cherry said. “They’re from hard working backgrounds, they grow up in that and that’s all they know. So when they’re here with us that’s all they know how to do is to work hard and compete.”

Cherry said the team’s ceiling was as high as they want it to be. The Urchins will start out their season August 19th on the road against Pontotoc.

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