HSFT Stop #49 — Bruce Trojans

Bruce hasn’t had a lot of recent success. In fact you have to go back nearly a decade for the Trojans last playoff appearance, but the team keeps working.

“I see them buying in,” head coach Jamaal Jackson said. “I have some who have been here, this is my third year and they are just now getting it. What I’m trying to do they are just now getting it. Maybe it’ll show on the field and hopefully it will.”

As you can imagine an 0-10 season can eat at a team but the Trojans are itching to get back on the field and compete.

“It is very exciting and I am looking forward to this season because we had a rough season last year but we are going to improve this season to get better,” quarterback Jayke Logan said.

Jackson knows how important football games are but he also does his best to impart core values on his players.

“He tries to keep us up, keep the word of God in us,” lineman Kentrell Patterson said. “We usually all go to church on Sunday’s and make it.”

With pressure mounting Jackson keeps a level head, taking everything one day at a time.

“At the end of the day if we win we can win, if we lose we lose,” Jackson said. “I just want them to play hard, just play hard. I don’t care about the results. They’ll come and they’ll go, time will tell and if I get fired, well things happen.”

Despite low expectations and a nearly decade long playoff drought, the Trojans can’t wait for games to start so they can compete against someone else.

“I don’t like hitting my brothers now, but if I got too you know I’ll get them but I’m just really ready to hit someone else because these guys, I love them, I love them to death,” Patterson said.

Bruce will start it’s season August 26th against Coffeeville.

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