HSFT Stop #56 — Saltillo

Saltillo, Miss. (WCBI) — When Ryan Finch got elevated from defensive coordinator to head coach this year, his first task was changing the Tigers’ mentality. The issues last season stemmed from the players not getting along.

“It’s kind of hard to win games if no one wants to be here,” senior cornerback Brandon Sadler said.

Finch got an up-close look at all of the issues that needed to be addressed as a result of his four years within the program.

“When you live it, you know the ins and outs,” Finch said. “Hindsight is always 2020. Now we have an opportunity to address the issues that I’ve seen happening.”

And the kids have already noticed a difference.

“Everybody feels more connected now through coach Finch, acting more brotherly and all that. Not attacking each other like we did last year,” Sadler said.

In terms of adjustments on the field, Finch is putting his guys on offense in spots where they can be more productive.

“Last year, I was on an island and now it’s going to be motion. Receivers are going to be at different spots, and we’re gonna be up on different matchups,” senior wide receiver JT Beasley said. “The teams can’t key in on me and I’ll be able to get open.”

The Tigers open their season up Aug. 26 against Corinth.

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