Hunting season means women are picking out their gear

WEST POINT, Miss. (WCBI) – It’s fall in the south, and that means hunters are hitting the woods.

What used to be a male-dominated sport is becoming more inclusive.

“Even though we grew up in a hunting environment, it was not very many ladies that hunted then, but my own daughter, which is 19. Now, She did grow up hunting, and she has hunted is not our priority, but she still loves being outdoors and doing that,” said Mike Pearson.

His daughter is not alone. Between 2001 and 2013, there was an 85% increase in registered female hunters, according to the NRA.

Lou Wyatt said that increase may have to do with family dynamics.

“Back in the day used to be just the guys who will go out hunting nowadays is their daughters and their granddaughters who are going out hunting with them. And this is definitely picking up with the women hunting,” said Wyatt.

Outdoor stores have taken notice.

“You’re seeing more people that are reaching out to them, whether it be in the clothing, firearm industry, or whatever, to accommodate them to make it easier for them to get into the sport of hunting,” said Pearson.

It’s not just hunting; more women are now enjoying sports like skeet shooting and archery.

“I think I think a lot of the introduction of four H and a lot of our colleges and states in the south particularly that do offer that up to children’s school age and up and we say a lot of female participation in that some of them carry that on into the rest of our lives and actually pursue a career in that, but it’s always there for them to get and be a part of three, four H and other organizations like that that,” said Pearson.

Archery Deer season kicked off on October 1.

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