I-Now Hits the Starkville School District

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STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – A new program will now have parents in one school district having easier access to their child’s records.
Now parents are two clicks away from accessing grades. The new program “I-NOW” shows parents detailed information on their child’s school life. From grades, homework, discipline, and even attendance.

“Once they’re logged in they will see every child they have in the district for this school term. They can see everything so, you know we have some students who may slack and the parents never know and they will see they’re missing grades because the teachers are able to put an incomplete,” said Dr.Lenora Hogan Samuel, SHS  Curriculum Technology Specialist.

The new program allows parents in the Starkville School District to now access their child’s student records quick and easy online.

Parents no longer wait for their kids to come to them. They say having everything online makes things convenient and bad apples will be caught.

“I think it’s much easier because children aren’t always as truthful so we’ll be able to see the actual information in the system,” said parent Tamara Gibson.

“One advantage is you don’t have to rely on your child to tell you what their homework is or what their grades are, you can just check it instantly on the computer,” said parent Brother Rogers.

One student says you should be proud of your grades and having this program is not an invasion of privacy.

“It’s not that bad, I think parents have some sort of responsibility for taking care of their kids and one way to do that is to see how they’re doing in school,” said student Andrew Rogers.

I-NOW was launched this week and four orientations around Starkville will be teaching parents how to use the program.

The new system is an effort to further expand communication from school to home.

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