IHL releases statement on University of Mississippi chancellor search

OXFORD, Miss. (WCBI) – The Institute for Higher Learning has released a statement following backlash after announcing Dr. Glenn Boyce as the next chancellor at Ole Miss.

Dr. Boyce’s first day as chancellor was Monday.

Read the IHL’s statement below:

“The Board of Trustees followed its Policies and Bylaws throughout the search process for a University of Mississippi Chancellor. The Board initiated its search process pursuant to IHL policy 201.0509. It is important to note that Section E. of Policy 201.0509, entitled “Recruitment”, allows the Board, at any point in the search process, to add additional candidates to the pool being considered without starting the process over.

Policy 201.0509 E. goes on to state that “The decision regarding whether to have any such additional candidates reviewed by the Campus Search Advisory Committee is in the discretion of the Board. Additional interviews may be conducted as desired by the Board.”

When the Board decided on October 3 to ask Dr. Glenn Boyce to discuss possibly taking the position as Chancellor, and when the Board interviewed Dr. Boyce for the position on October 3, the Board was exercising Section E. of Policy 201.0509.

The Board next followed its Bylaw 301.0510 D. when it voted to suspend/waive the remainder of the requirements of its search process within Policy 201.0509 and to hire Dr. Boyce as Chancellor. Bylaw 301.0510 D. states that “A member may move to suspend any policies, bylaws or rules. A motion to suspend shall state the matter of business to be considered, must be properly seconded, and shall fail without a vote in favor of same by at least seven members of the Board.”

Once again, the Board of Trustees followed its Policies and Bylaws throughout the search process for a UM Chancellor.”

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