Incident at jail: Aberdeen Alderwoman nets new charges

MONROE COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – Aberdeen Alderwoman Lady B. Garth is making headlines again.

She was arrested Sunday and taken to jail to serve a five-day sentence for disturbing the peace, a charge she was convicted of in 2022.

She was also served with two warrants for simple assault and disturbance of election.

The election charge required an arraignment before a judge. But on the way to that arraignment, she picked up new charges. Monroe County Sheriff Kevin Crook released a nearly three-minute video showing the events that led up to Garth receiving those charges and also being taken to the Emergency Room.

WCBI has received numerous calls and emails, similar to what you see on your screen, alleging that Aberdeen Alderwoman Lady B. Garth was assaulted by a deputy at the Monroe County Detention Center. Monroe County Sheriff Kevin Crook said that was simply not the case, referring to the claims as a false narrative.

“Inmate Garth initially refused to be handcuffed at her cell and walked toward the booking office before being encountered by a Shift Sergeant who explained to her that it was protocol to be handcuffed for this meeting. Inmate Garth stated she was not going to be handcuffed. The sergeant was patient with Inmate Garth and was able to talk her into complying with the first restraint going on. Inmate Garth then verbally refused to have the other restraint placed on her left hand. The sergeant continued to be patient with Inmate Garth, attempting to gain her compliance and explaining she could not meet with the Judge without restraints,” said Crook.

Garth remains behind bars, convicted last December for disturbing the peace and recently charged with disrupting an election. Garth was charged with disorderly conduct/failure to comply with a law enforcement officer from this incident alone.

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