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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – An autism diagnosis Is only the beginning of helping a person live life to the fullest.

Great things are possible.

Every case is a little different, but it’s no time to shut your family away and stop doing the things the you enjoy.

Dr. Mark Yeager describes autism as a life with a different view.

That’s true for the autistic person and his family.

Your first instinct could be to shut you and your child off from a world that doesn’t yet understand, but that won’t help anyone.

Dr. Yeager advises, ” The only way to learn and get past those obstacles, for that young person, is to experience them and begin to learn how to manage those sets of circumstances.”

That can lead to a few awkward exchanges, but that’s part of life and learning.

Dr. Yeager says, ” I’ve done training with custodians and UPS delivery men. It’s amazing that anybody that touches their life, they need to understand exactly how they become part of moving the topic forward and moving that individual forward.”

And moving forward happens through effort each and every day.

Dr. Yeager says, ” It becomes a matter of being consistent and knowing that the child is going to react in certain ways and being able to be proactive to that behavior as opposed to being reactive.”

Dr. Yeager also strongly supports including autistic children in traditional classroom settings with their typically developing peers.

Each can learn plenty from the other.

Dr. Yeager ” They don’t see themselves as being diseased or something. They see themselves as needing to be understood and supported so that they can be successful.”

And when that happens you can get to know some pretty bright and wonderful people.

April is Autism Awareness Month.

Doctor Yeager points out, that he wants to see that title evolve into Autism Acceptance month.

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